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Über diesen Blog will re-open on the internet. Work on our major capital project is well underway and I'll soon post my first articles. For further information go to the main page.

We are delighted to inform all our supporters that has been successful in the Stage to have a nice writer concept. For further information sign up for our monthly newsletter. But I have to admit, as I'm a native German, I'll write all my posts in German for now.

Looking for Sex?

How easy is it to get into sex with a dating app? At least 10% of the population in New Zealand, is currently registered with online dating exchanges to find a hookup. This includes pure dating sites as well as platforms for casual and sex dating. Thus, from a purely statistical point of view, the chances of actually getting to know someone online should be good. If you do it cleverly and register with the right platforms, your chances of uncomplicated sex increase enormously.

The charm of the anonymous and the fast

Anyone looking for happiness online doesn’t have to leave home to meet someone. In theory, you can make yourself comfortable on the couch in your pajamas – and still flirt freely. This ease and simplicity is what many people like about online dating. Another point that goes down well: anonymity. According to surveys, this is actually one of the main reasons for the popularity of online exchanges. 26% of all users surveyed state that they particularly like this about online dating. You can remain anonymous and (initially) unrecognized online like nowhere else: a username made up makes it possible. Otherwise you decide for yourself how much more information you want to reveal about yourself and at what point in time this happens. This protection can make flirting and chatting with other people very exciting. Users often dare to say very different things than they would in „real life“. This explains, among other things, why sex apps in NZ  are perfect for realizing the dream of fast sex. While you would hardly entrust your sexual fantasies to a stranger in a bar or while shopping, online dating is much less complicated and doesn’t have to be uncomfortable for anyone.